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Mining has been an unmistakable force and the main economic driver in Arizona.



Arizona and mining have a long shared history.  From jobs to economic development and much more, mining has been part of the state’s infrastructure for more than a century.  At the Arizona Mining Association, we work to ensure mining also has a bright future in the Grand Canyon State.


Take advantage of our website to learn how mining benefits Arizona, see why metals are important to everyday life, find career opportunities in our industry, and help us advocate sound public policies that promote a prospering, responsible and safe mining industry.


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March 06, 2015 - Lawmaker, students push bill to make copper state symbol - What started as a class project by an Oro Valley school students and could wind up making copper an official state symbol. Arizona already has a state gemstone (turquoise) and state fossil (petrifie... Read More
March 02, 2015 - New Molecule Binders to Cancer DNA, Prevents Replication - Researches at Bielefeld University in Germany have come upon a new method of disrupting the spread of cancer using molecules that bind to DNA. The team developed a synthetic molecule that has t... Read More

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