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This is an excellent illustration to demonstrate the principle that Resolution Copper will use to development their massive underground deposit.

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DYK that most turquoise in Arizona is mined on or near current or previously existing Copper mines? The mineralogy necessary for Turquoise is predicated on existing Copper deposits! #Copper #Turquoise #Mining - Tucson Gem Show


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Kingman, AZ - One of only two locations in the world where Turquoise is mined year round. @cronkitenews #Turquoise…

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@AddOnsInc We are very happy to hear so!

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Mining has been an unmistakable force and the main economic driver in Arizona.



Arizona and mining have a long shared history.  From jobs to economic development and much more, mining has been part of the state’s infrastructure for more than a century.  At the Arizona Mining Association, we work to ensure mining also has a bright future in the Grand Canyon State.


Take advantage of our website to learn how mining benefits Arizona, see why metals are important to everyday life, find career opportunities in our industry, and help us advocate sound public policies that promote a prospering, responsible and safe mining industry.



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