apply tobecome a member

  • Quarterly scheduled mine and facility tours
  • Membership offers exclusivity
  • Monthly meetings to provide industry updates and forums
  • Inclusion in the AMA Supplier Guidebook for mine procurement personnel
  • Two annual outreach events for company recognition
  • Environment for members to interface with members and peer members
  • Quarterly networking opportunities and philanthropic events for business development
  • Member companies can build long term relationships with the mining companies in Arizona and with other supplier and consultant companies involved in the AMA (Supplier members – you must currently be doing business, or a member in good standing with an AZ mining company to join)
  • AMA members benefit from productive relationships and alliances with state and federal government agencies, national and local business associations, and natural resource industry groups
  • Access to the most current news and developments impacting the Arizona mining industry
  • Invitations to member only events and receptions
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • A unified voice – Together, AMA member companies would be a strong voice for the mining industry

We invite you to join us as a guest for our next supplier meeting. Come to our next “Open House” Supplier meeting to confirm your decision to support your state mining association. For details call 602.266.4416 or: message us +

Any company vetted and accepted by the AMA Board for membership in the association shall be required to continue that membership for a minimum period of one (1) year and will be obligated to pay dues and/or assessments for the full period of membership. Any member may withdraw or resign from the Association after membership continuing for a period of one year upon sixty days prior written notice of withdrawal or resignation to the Board of Directors and the payment in full of all dues, assessments and other expenses properly allocated thereto, and by so doing will forfeit all rights and interests in the assets of the Association.