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A Letter from the President

The Arizona Mining Association (AMA), founded in 1965, consists of over 80 mining and consulting companies in Arizona. We take pride in our state’s mining history and aim to take full advantage of the continuing opportunities provided by Arizona’s rich mineral resources.

We all experience the effects of mining on a daily basis – from the products we use, such as cell phones, pencils, computers and toothpaste; to the most current technology, building infrastructure, transportation and alternative-energy uses; to the significant economic support the industry provides in the form of jobs and taxes. Yet, for many in Arizona, mining is still a mystery and what little knowledge people do have of the industry is mostly antiquated and outdated.

It is important that all Arizonan’s have a greater understanding of the industry and its benefits, impacts, issues, contributions and commitments. That is why the AMA member company’s representatives serve on AMA’s committees that target specific areas impacting Arizona mining and why we participate in community education opportunities. Through the work of our committees and community involvement, the AMA is able to build relationships and alliances with government, business associations, natural resource industry groups, and the general public - all in an effort to educate and help Arizona thrive as the premier location for mining investment in the US. 

The Arizona mining industry directly employs 11,700(1) people and indirectly more than 50,000 people and we are still in a position for abundant growth. We are excited about the possibilities to create more jobs and bring an economic boost to the state though producing the minerals that are essential to our economy and today’s standard of living.

With your continued involvement in the AMA we can increase the reach of the mining industry in our state.

Kelly Norton, President
Arizona Mining Association

(1) US Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2016